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2016 Split-Midget Registration -update 8/22/16

The Predators family is proud to announce that we will have 2 Split-Midget teams this 2016 season!!

Tryouts are currently scheduled for Monday, August 29th & Thursday, September 1st at the PSU Rink!

Stay tuned for times!

We look forward to seeing you all there!!

2016/17 Team Registration Deadline


2016/2017 Hockey Season Registration

Registration for the 2016/17 season will open July 1st. This registration will include Learn to Skate/Learn to Play, Mites, Squirts, Peewees & Bantams. The deadline is September 15th -no late registrations will be accepted. There are only 20 spots available per team and it must have at least 1 goalie. If we register more than 20 players, a decision will be made by the board regarding tryouts.

LTP/LTS (2012-older) $75 per session or $135 for both sessions & $30 for rental equipment

Mites ('08-'09) $340

Squirt ('06-'07) $735

Peewee ('04-'05) $800

Bantam ('02-'03) $805

2016 Split-Midget Registration -update 8/19/16 CLOSED

**8/19/16 UPDATE**

The Split-Season Midget Registration is CLOSED!

**Eligible players 1998/1999/2000/2001**

Your coaches for this season include; Eric James, Lyndon McFate, Scott Cathy & John Devlin.

The cost this season is $450, which will be split between 2 payments through Sportngin should you decide to pay via on-line. Personal checks and cash are also accepted.

**Practice begins 9/1/16! The schedule for the season will be Mondays & Thursdays 7pm- 8pm until the regular season for all other levels begin on 10/12/16. At that point Monday practices will be 8:45pm- 9:45pm; Thursdays will stay 7pm- 8pm. There will be no practice 9/5/16 due to the holiday. **These dates and times are subject to change.

Any questions please contact


New programs for Scoring Concepts Hockey this spring and summer.

Daily synthetic ice sessions are well underway (email to reserve a time) and weekly PSU on-ice training sessions will be starting the first week in July.  This summer I will be expanding to hold 3 weeklong camps this year.

+ Explosive Power Skating Camp- July 11-15, 2016.  This will be a half- day camp with an entire week focus on all components on an explosive power skating stride.  All activities at the beautiful Plymouth State University Campus. Jersey Included

+ PSU Summer Training Camp-  August 1-5, 2016.  This will be an all- day camp with 2 ice sessions, dryland, lunch and video.  All activities will take place right on the beautiful Plymouth State University Campus.  Jersey Included

+ Laconia Dryland and Street Hockey Camp- August 8-12, 2016.  This will be a morning off-ice camp at Laconia Ice Arena (utilizing the facility while the ice is removed for the summer).  Skills, drills and daily games.  T-shirt included

Please visit my website- for additional information or to register online.


Please email me with any questions-
I look forward to a great spring and summer of hockey training.
In addition, the New England Wolves JR Hockey program (my full season team in Laconia).  Emily Clement, our Life Coach and host family coordinator is looking for qualified host families for this upcoming season.  Please check out the video and email her to connect!
Thank you very much
Andrew Trimble

Predator Jerseys & Equipment

Attention Parents & Players,

We are in the process of collecting all of the Plymouth Predators property. As mentioned at the beginning of the season, players/families cannot keep jerseys regardless of participation the following year. The equipment and jerseys were collected and/or purchased by the organization and therefore need to be returned.

LTP/LTS -if you rented an equipment bag or borrowed any of the equipment from our supplies, please drop whatever it is you have at the rink. The staff will put it in our closet for safe keeping. Any USA jerseys you received during the season are yours to keep.

Mites -please bring your jerseys to practice this Wednesday 3/9/16 - we need to collect ALL of the jerseys at this time.

Squirts, Peewees & Bantams -following your last game of the season, your coach will be collecting your jerseys. Be sure to have both of them with you.

There is a $150 fine for not returning your equipment/jerseys. Inventory will be taken shortly after the season and invoices will be sent out.

Thank you for your attention to this request.

2015-16 Seacoast Bantam Champions!!!

Congratulations to the Predator Bantams your 2016 Seacoast Champions!


PARENTS!!! Please have your players re-read, or read for the first time the Code of Conduct that they signed at the beginning of the season. We all need to keep these points in mind when we enter the rink for games/practices.
To be read and signed by you as a member of Team: ____________________ 
Participating in USA Hockey for the ____________   season.  
1. No swearing or abusive language on the bench, in the rink, or at any team function.  
2. No lashing out at any official no matter what the call is. The coaching staff will handle all matters pertaining to officiating.  
3. Anyone who receives a penalty will skate directly to the penalty box. 
4. Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting will result in an appearance before a Discipline Committee. 
5. There will be no drinking, smoking, chewing of tobacco or use of illegal substance at any team function.  
6. I will conduct myself in a befitting manner at all facilities (ice rink, hotel, restaurant, etc) during all team functions. 
7. Any player or team official who cannot abide by these rules or violates them will be subject to further disciplinary action.      
Signed: _______________________________  Date:___________________


Players, parents & coaches...There are to be NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (ie. cell phone, iPhone, iPod, tablets, etc) in the locker room at any time! Leave things at home, in the car or with someone outside of the locker room during games/practices.

Inclement Weather Notice

The season of inclement weather is fast approaching and with that the questions of practices and games. When and if practices or games are cancelled we will notify you via our website, Facebook, email or directly by your coach...maybe all of the above.

As a parent/guardian, it is your decision to travel. If the choice is to stay put and stay safe, please notify your coach so that your player is accounted for at the start of practice. This will eliminate worry and a phone call to you or your family.


Unattended Children

Unsupervised children can cause chaos and issues – running around, playing on the stairs, using the elevator as a ride, screaming, squealing, destruction of rink property (including brochures put out by the college) will not be tolerated.  While we understand how fun it is to play with friends while parents are engrossed in a practice or game, please understand that not all visitors appreciate the added chaos an unsupervised child or group of kids can bring. We ask all parents to control your children and explain to them that they are expected to act respectfully at the rink.


Send your game photos to so we can post and promote our Predators all year long!! Please include level of play, date of game, opponent & score if available.


PLEASE DO NOT PUT TEAM JERSEYS IN THE DRYER! -Not only will the dryer increase the rate of fading, but the newest name plates are made for heat press machines and will adhere to the jersey if heated. Parents/Players are responsible for the care of these jerseys and will be billed if they are lost, altered or destroyed due to improper care.

Rink Locations

Need directions to your players away games?? Click this link, or visit our website under the About tab >> Rink Locations


Plymouth Predators Announce U14 Girls Team

As of Monday, 10/12/15 - the Plymouth Predators declared a U14 Girls team comprised of our own Predators & young ladies from surrounding teams like Oyster River and Berlin. The start of this program will be a welcomed challenge as we book practices, games and scrimmages for our 1st ever ALL GIRLS team. Current plans are in place for Thursday night practices and up to 10 games, but these are subject to change as we finalize a roster.

If you know anyone who would be interested in playing for the U14 Girls, please direct them to email our board at

This program is for young ladies looking specifically for a "girls" team, as well as those rostered on co-ed team as a supplementary program.

Split-Season Midget 2015 - REGISTER NOW!!

The Split-Season Midget season is not far off - don't forget to register for the upcoming season by August 1st @  Coach Chris Chabot will be contacting the team with more information regarding the schedule for practices, etc. Don't miss this opportunity to get in shape for the upcoming high school season!

Please feel free to contact me with any registration questions or Coach Chabot ( with questions about the team.

Special Thanks to Pemi-Valley Laundry!

Thank you to Pemi-Valley Laundry for donating your services to clean our hockey equipment! Your generosity and support of our organization is truly appreciated.

Slide show from 2014/2015 Banquet

Latest News

How can YOU help the Predators???

11/03/2014, 10:45pm EST
By T. Bickford

Are you looking to get more involved? There are a handful of ways you can make a difference for our players and coaches.  Would you be willing to pack post-game snacks for the kids? Run the clock or keep score during a game? Take photos and write a brief game summary?  Be the go-to parent for your team?  We're looking for YOU!  Please contact your coach directly and let him/her know your interested.  Don't be shy!  Try something new!  Not only will you be helping the league, you'll feel great knowing you had a hand in a memorable and successful season!

Locker Room Policy and Code of Conduct

10/30/2014, 9:30pm EDT
By T. Bickford

Parents and players, please take some time to review the Code of Conduct form you signed with USA Hockey as well as, the Locker Room Policy developed by the Plymouth Predators Board. Both documents are to be taken seriously!

How do we get to our away games???

10/23/2014, 10:15pm EDT
By T. Bickford

We are just getting started with loading you up on all the pertinent details about this season- but one of the most important you may to get to the away games.  

Go to the About tab in the green bar and hover over this to see Rink Locations.

Click Rink Locations and you will be directed to a page that lists Rink Directions for NH, MA, ME and VT.  

Once you've chosen your state, choose the rink that was listed on your game schedule.

*It also gives you the option to use Google Maps so you can plug in your address directly to the arena.

One of the best pieces of advice I have for every hockey parent - have a contact number of the coach, assistant coach and/or another parent available should you get lost or are running late. This will help ease some of the stress that come with travel hockey.

Saturday, September 27th at 10am we host NH East.


09/26/2014, 8:15pm EDT
By T.Bickford

Saturday, September 27th at 10am we host NH East

While we're bragging about our Split-Midgets, we'd like you to meet head coach Chris Chabot. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about our team and what the season has in store for us.

How long have you been coaching the Plymouth Split-Midgets?
This is the first year that we have had split midgets for quite some time. It is my first year at the midget level but I have been coaching for nearly 10 years at various levels for the Plymouth Predators.

When did practices begin for the Split-Midgets and how long does the season go?
Practices started a few weeks ago and we play right up until the high school season starts, November 15.

What do you look forward to this season?
This is a great group of players – a lot of fun to coach! I look forward to seeing continued improvement and development of skills. We had a great season last year, won a tournament and this group of players has really improved over the past few years.

Who (player) should we keep an eye on for this upcoming season? Why?
Well, we have to start at the goalie position where we have two very strong keepers, Macayla King and Chris Sourgiadakis. Playing in front of these stellar back-stoppers will be two solid lines of defense, with pairings of Gordon Hoyt and Ed Devlin and Matt Roy and Christian Stewart. Gordon had a lot of goals last year and Ed and Christian both had a number of beautiful assists. Matt Roy is new to the team but I expect great things out of him as well, he is a strong puck moving defense man. On the front line, I expect that Andrew Chabot will continue his strong back-checking and goal scoring and that Libby Schwaner and Tyler LeBlanc will continue their exceptional positional play and scoring prowess. I look forward to seeing how two new players, Karnar Ueland and Jack Sullivan fit into the scheme of play and I must say that I really like what I have seen so far. Lastly, I am looking forward to seeing Gopi Dugan-Henrikson continue his strong presence in front of the net and looking forward to seeing Spencer Hansen using his speed to both push the puck up the wing and to get open.

Contact Info

PO Box 121 Plymouth, NH 03264

PSU Arena PARKING Problem

Due to the new construction and the influx of student vehicles, the parking lot at the rink will have minimal spaces available for our youth program. You may consider carpooling and/or finding alternative places to park. It will be a challenge we all have to face.


White Mountain Youth Hockey, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing ice hockey instruction and statewide league play to children and youth in the Central New Hampshire area*. The goal of White Mountain Youth Hockey is to provide children with the opportunity to learn and play ice hockey at a level of competition that is appropriate for their ages. We want our players to enjoy the game, learn how to be part of a team, and improve their skills.